Curriculum Development Guide

This web-based Curriculum Guide is provided to help you complete curriculum forms for programs, courses and topics. The forms are available in the following formats: WordPerfect, Word, and Mac.

To use the forms, download them to your hard drive, then complete and print the forms for signatures, using a unique file name for each (i.e. art395.wpd, ba-kine.doc, etc). The blank form should be saved to use as a template.

Upon request, program forms can be sent to you in WordPerfect or Word formats with the current program already in place, only the proposed changes need to be added to the proposed column. Please allow one day turnaround for this.

CSUSB Curriculum Guide (PDF)

General Education Forms

When completing these forms, refer to the Curriculum Guide for the "how-to's" and guidelines.

Important: When the C-form and T-form are completed, please be sure that ALL signature lines appear on the first page. Some blank lines can be deleted or the dividing lines between categories may have "wrapped" to a second line, the "wrap" should be deleted.

A Program form is available for new programs, certificates, and minors under the file name "p-new". The file p-chng can be used for small changes, you will need to enter both current and proposed information. OR, if the changes are extensive, please call or email Dwan Ford (x5059 or email: dwanford) and the program can be provided to you within a day or two, depending upon deadlines.

Please call x5059 if you have any questions.

Academic Programs Form C - Courses (Word)

Academic Programs C - Courses New Course (Word)

Academic Programs Form T - Topic (Word)

Academic Programs Form P - New Degree Major Program (Word)

Academic Programs Form P - Change in Degree Major Program (Word)

Curricular Process for General Education Proposals

There are five documents needed for any additions/changes/deletions from the General Education Program. All of the forms need to be submitted to Academic Scheduling as a complete packet. After processing (assigning a document number and general checking for correctness) the packet is sent on to the university level committees (including the General Education Committee). The General Education Committee reviews proposals for additons to the GE program in the Fall Quarter ONLY.

For any of the forms on which you will typing, it is to your best interest to first save the file as different name so that you will have the original in case of "goofs"!!!

These are the five files you will need to access.

General Education form (Addendum to Academic Programs Form C). This is the cover sheet for the packet. Questions 1-4 are to be given on a separate sheet of paper. Please save this as a separate file so that the original can be used as a template for future use.

Academic Programs Form C - Courses (Word) If the course is already in existence, this form is to show which category in which it will be listed and to provide the reviewing committees a course description. For new courses, provide all information needed as for a new course.

Objectives and Criteria for Courses Meeting General Education Requirements -This is for information, a guideline for the overall general education program.

General Education Criteria - Delete all categories which do not pertain to what you are submitting. Ex.: category B.3. Delete all categories through B.2 and also B.4 to the end. Category B.3 and the changes can then be printed and submitted within the packet for all committees to.

General Education Program - The is the Program Form for the General Education Program. As with the criteria, delete all categories in the left column which do not pertain to your changes. In the right hand column (just click on the right hand column and the cursor should go there, then use the "enter" key to go down the column. A justification is not needed on the form as it is part of a larger packet.

For any form that requires a signature, all signatures are needed from the college level, including consultation signatures. It is the responsibility of Academic Scheduling to obtain signatures at the university level after committee approval.